Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Technology to Support You in the Most Demanding Environments

When working in diverse environments it is vital that any hire equipment is robust enough for the job in hand and designed specifically to cope with the demands thrown at it. With this is mind, you can hire our ultrasonic leak detector with the confidence that it is flexible, adaptable and adjustable enough to meet a wide range of testing demands.

Hiring our ultrasonic leak detector offers the following benefits, accompanied by the unrivalled technical assistance and personal service we’re renowned for:

  • ATEX Certified for Hazardous areas
  • Battery operated (rechargeable)
  • Easy to operate with quick set up times
  • Audio and analogue display
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Contact probe for structure-borne ultrasounds
  • Scanning module for air-borne ultrasounds

The ultrasonic leak detector can leak test the following:

  • Pressure and vacuum systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Valve seat leakage
  • Steam trap Inspection
  • Tanks
  • Pipework

Availability: Our ultrasonic leak detectors are often available for same day or next day delivery (subject to availability).

Please contact our Sales Team for technical advice, price and availability.