The Independent Testing Partner for Your Critical Components

Significant investment has been made to expand and enhance our state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure Vaseco remain at the forefront of the environmental testing industry. We continue to focus on innovation and quality without compromising the safety of our staff, customers or environment.

We’ve achieved Global recognition for our expertise within this field as well as our experience across a range of demanding environments.  As a totally independent company we offer a comprehensive range of in-house testing carried out to the highest safety standards, whilst our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures that we meet the highest quality standards at all times.

Vaseco are able to carry out many different types of environmental testing including the following: PR2 testing, Fugitive Emissions testing, Cryogenic testing, Submerged Gas testing, Hydrostatic testing, Vacuum testing, Gas testing and High Temperature testing.

Benefits of Environmental Testing with Vaseco:

  • We can provide rapid, bespoke solutions to your challenges
  • Absolute confidence that critical components have already been tested beyond any extreme conditions likely to be reached within their working life
  • Highly skilled workforce with vast product knowledge and experience
  • Testing carried out under controlled conditions to stringent safety and quality regulations
  • Initial environmental testing will prevent problems in commissioning
  • Minimises risk to personnel within the field
  • We can act as an additional resource if you reach capacity at your own testing facilities

Vaseco Environmental Testing Facilities include:

  • Leading-edge safety protection and innovative equipment traceable to National Standards
  • Safe viewing area for customers and 3rd party inspectors with CCTV and real time software
  • Highly skilled personnel with vast product knowledge and experience
  • Numerous environmental testing chambers including a large walk-in chamber
  • 10-tonne overhead crane and 7-tonne forklift truck
  • Reinforced car park suitable for large wagons

Vaseco expertise reaches across a wide range of industries including Oil and Gas, Subsea, Nuclear, Vacuum, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Automobile, Process, Research and Scientific.

Please contact our Testing Department for technical advice and a quotation to suit your individual requirements.

Download our Environmental Testing brochure to learn more about our full capabilities.